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Protecting Our Constitutional Rights

Dagny understands our constitutional rights were given to us by God and are protected by the United States Constitution.  As our Colorado legislature has become more one-sided, unconstitutional laws have been passed.  Some district attorneys have betrayed their citizens by enforcing unconstitutional laws, and not protecting their rights.  Dagny understands your constitutional rights are more important than an unconstitutional state law.  Dagny will protect you and your family from radical unconstitutional laws.  

Bringing Values and Ethics to the District Attorney's office.

Dagny understands being the top law enforcement officer in the district comes with tremendous responsibility.  Values, ethics, and transparency are key to forming a district attorney's office with a public service mentality.  Dagny will never forget she works for you and will work hard every day to earn your confidence.

Champion of Our Second Amendment Rights

Dagny will fiercely protect all our constitutional rights, but she understands that our Second Amendment rights protect all other rights.  Dagny knows our right to bear arms is non-negotiable, and clearly and firmly protected by the United States Constitution.  As our District Attorney, Dagny will not be fooled by unconstitutional state laws that intent to strip us of the ability to protect ourselves and our family.  She will fight for us and defend our rights embedded in the Second Amendment.

Combat Skyrocketing Crime

It's time to take the increasing crime rate seriously.  Our communities and families are in jeopardy.  Dagny will take crime head-on and not be afraid to go to trial to get justice.  She will prioritize violent crime, as well as crimes against children, and put criminals on notice that District 23 will not tolerate victimizing our citizens.

Citizens for Tough and Fair Justice
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