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Meet Dagny


My name is Dagny Van Der Jagt, and I am running to be the 1st District Attorney for the 23rd Judicial District of Colorado in 2025. With nearly twenty years of legal experience, I am professionally suited for this position. I have served as a deputy District Attorney Criminal Prosecutor, Civil Litigator and Criminal Defense Attorney in this community for many years. As the owner of a small successful Law Firm with multiple attorneys under my command in Castle Rock Colorado, I know how to stick to a budget, count paper clips, and operate a professional and effective organization that is accountable to its customers. I know how to balance life as a homeschooling mother in a demanding career. But most importantly, I know how to organize and live by my allegiances.
I believe in my God over my Nation, meaning I do not compromise my deeply held beliefs. I hold the Constitution as the rigid and firm foundation of all laws. Although I place Liberty above Security and Principles above Party, I recognize Law Enforcement as a necessary guard of Freedom and Property. We must honor our Police who necessarily defend our Liberty through limited use of power. We must be TOUGH & FAIR on Crime.
When a society bends the rules, allows petty criminals to loot private property, and corrupts the political, educational, medical and criminal systems, you have the introduction to Ayn Rand's novel “Atlas Shrugged.” When you introduce Dagny Van Der Jagt, you have a fierce defender of your Constitutional Rights.
My campaign is not born through a list of well known politically entrenched allies. Its genesis is through months of consistent and prayerful thought with my family and friends. I decided to pledge to hold the office of District Attorney as my only political goal, after which, I plan to return to private practice being proud of my service to my community. Through my dedication to this role, I hope to support other like minded elected officials to never compromise on the Constitution and to teach our youth what it means to be civil. 
This is a grassroots effort that will take my friends and supporters offering financial and physical support. As I develop my website and other materials, please like and share my messages. If you'd like to help, please reach out to me. Together, we can stop the erosion of our principles and be the shining light on the hill for our neighboring communities.
I will be honored and privileged to serve as your 1st DA in the 23rd Judicial District. I humbly ask for your support and vote.

Citizens for Tough and Fair Justice
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